Avoid burning your favorite series: this is how you do it

You didn’t swallow your first sip of coffee on Monday morning, or you’ve already spoiled the new episode of Succession or another series. This is how you avoid spoilers.

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Avoid Spoilers: This way you don’t let your favorite series get spoiled

People on social media are happy to talk about what they just watched in a series or movie, and reveal what’s going on to others. Those are called spoilers. While one doesn’t let that spoil the viewing pleasure, a strong spoiler is indeed a reason for the other not to watch at all.

This is especially difficult with HBO series, such as House of the Dragon, The White Lotus, and now Succession. These high-profile shows are broadcast on Sunday nights in the United States. At the same time, it’s available on HBO Max in the Netherlands, but due to time zones, it’s midnight here.

Most Dutch people who follow these soaps only have time to watch them on Monday evening. Then they have to dodge spoilers all day long, which is hard to achieve. These tips will go a long way.

1. Ban hashtags and names on Twitter

Twitter is the most dangerous place for spoilers. Fortunately, you can block words by putting them in your ignore list. To do this, go to Settings and Support, then Settings and Privacy. There you select “Privacy and Security” and then “Ignore and Block”. In Ignored Words, you can put words and hashtags for series that you absolutely don’t want to see spoilers.

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Take the caliphate as an example. If you don’t want to see any spoilers about it, you can of course block the #Succession hashtag, but that’s usually not enough. Helps prevent “logan,” “roman,” “shiv,” and “kendall,” among others. These are names you rarely see in tweets that are not about succession.

2. Chrome extensions against spoilers

If you don’t want to just be safe on Twitter, you can choose to install an extension for the Chrome web browser that automatically blocks spoilers anywhere on the web.

extension Spoiler Protection 2.0 It gives you the option to add words for the things you don’t want to burn. Then, big red blocks posting spoilers on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

3. Turn off your notifications

Be very careful and turn off notifications. Maybe your favorite YouTuber posted a video about the series, or your friends on the group app suddenly decided to talk spoilers while you haven’t watched the series yet.

4. Let YouTube know what you don’t care about

If you’ve ever watched a video about progressions on YouTube, for example, the site will recommend more progression videos from now on. Especially new videos that get a lot of views, like reviews of new episodes or trailers for the next episode. If you see a video of such a series and you’re not interested, click the three dots next to the title and choose “Not Interested”.

5. Create a separate channel in Discord

Are you talking to a group on Discord or Slack and discussing the series? Then create a separate channel where people can freely talk about spoilers. You can then ignore that channel until you watch the episode for yourself.

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6. Get off social media for a day

HBO series are unique compared to hit series on Netflix, for example, because a new episode appears every week that airs on television in the United States. Millions of people are watching that series at the same time and of course they want to talk about it afterwards. This is what social media is for.

Complaining about discussing spoilers afterwards is a bit silly. It is best then to choose not to use social media for a day. You can also easily avoid US sites that have one-day series reviews.

7. Don’t let spoilers spoil your viewing pleasure

Did you see the spoiler? Don’t let that spoil the whole viewing pleasure. A good series does not depend on surprises. It is mainly about how to tell this event and how to act on it. It’s nice to be surprised, but that surprise is usually a very small part of the fun you get from watching a well-made series.

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