Azar tiger mosquito rediscovered in Azar commercial park

Wilfred Reinhold, chairman of Platform Stop Invasive Exodus, has been fighting for transparency for years when it comes to the tiger mosquito. This year he also filed a wob request (Government Public Access Act) about this. The discovery of the tiger mosquito in Amstelvin in March this year is now in the report. “

Two years ago, the state council decided there was no reason to keep the names of companies where tiger mosquitoes were found secret because it was about environmental information. Nevertheless, NVWA only reveals municipal and residential area. They do this for privacy reasons.


The mosquito species is native to Southeast Asia and has spread around the world through international transport in recent years. The tiger mosquito infects humans and animals with more than 20 different infectious diseases, including Zika, dengue (dengue fever) and chikungunya. “But tiger mosquitoes found in the Netherlands are less likely to spread the virus of infectious diseases such as dengue and chikungunya,” said Judith von Kessel, a spokeswoman for NVWA.

He says surrounding businesses and residents have now been notified of the situation by letter. NVWA is busy fighting the tiger mosquito: “Our researchers return to a breeding ground every three weeks. They do this until the end of the mosquito season, until mid – October.” NVWA ensures that companies comply with regulations to prevent the permanent installation of the tiger mosquito. To date, no violations have been identified in Assen.

Tire Company

Tiger mosquitoes were found on June 23, July 5, July 12, July 14 and July 20. The number of mosquitoes found on the dates of discovery is not specified. At the end of the year, the total number of mosquitoes per place is announced. Last year, sixteen Asian tiger mosquitoes were spotted in Assen.

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The Asian tiger mosquito, including the Tycoon tire company, has been found in Assan for several years in a row. The company did not say whether the mosquito was recently found with them again. A way to spread the tiger mosquito through used car tire importers. Mosquito eggs ride on used car tires. The eggs reach their destination and hatch.

Parliamentary Questions

Shortly before the summer recess, MP Digirt de Crude asked D66, Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Standards, Corolla Scout, for a third time about the lack of openness. Schouten is responsible for NVWA.

Following previous parliamentary questions, the NVWA published on its website the number of mosquitoes found since the beginning of this year. “A good development, because the number of mosquitoes caught can say something about the extent of the spread and the possibility of establishing. But the date of capture is not specified,” explains Reynolds.

Now it has been repaired and the number of mosquitoes caught is not on the website. However, at the end of the year, the total number of mosquitoes per municipality will be announced. In addition to the azaleas, tiger mosquitoes have been found in Amstelwine, Lleistat, Mortijk and Sitard-Zeline this year.

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