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KOOTWIJKERBROEK From traditional garden houses to comfortable, fully equipped outdoor rooms. Wesselshoek Exclusive Wood Construction has seen this change up close. The growing company has moved out of Kootwijkerbroek recently and is looking for reinforcements. “The outdoors have never been more popular than they are now.”

As a true builder of garden houses, Bert van Middendorp began building the well-known octagonal garden houses in 1992. At the turn of the century, the first verandas were added and demand gradually shifted to beautiful outdoor rooms made of wood. Wesselshoek also specializes in building barns and stables.

exclusive The wooden verandas, cottages and barns built by Wesselshoek cannot be summed up in one style. Each project has its own character. Burt: We build exclusive projects all over the country. It is fully prepared in our workshop and installed on the project site in a few days.”

he moved At the beginning of March, Wesselshoek moved to the corner of Puurveenseweg / Valkseweg. ,, Only in Kootwijkerbroek. We had very little space on the old site at Kerkweg and a whole new residential area would be built around it.” The new building has plenty of prefab carpentry for balconies, outdoor rooms and awnings. Wesselshoek now also has ample outdoor space to store materials and equipment.

vacancies With the move behind us and the increasing demand for exclusive buildings made of wood, Wesselshoek has room for a new workforce. Relates to the jobs of the workshop carpenter and assembling the foreman and the calculator. As a carpenter in the workshop, you are working from the new workshop with good machines on setting up projects. The assembly foreman then takes care of assembling projects across the Netherlands. Having a CE driving license is an advantage. A desk is available in the new office for a calculator with an architectural vision. Finally, there is room for a school translator who knows how to get things done. Burt: Still want to learn the trade and want to help build great projects right away? Please call for an appointment.”

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benefit? Call Bert van Middendorp via 0342-44 1729 or app 06 53834917
Puurveenseweg 1a, Kootwijkerbroek.

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