Babe Rainbow – Color Change (★★★): Floats happily on your surfboard

Babe Rainbow… Babe Rainbow? No, Babe Rainbow. The funny quartet from Byron Bay, Australia has already lost the article since the release of his second album. The section on ‘Things Babe Rainbow has not lost from her second album’ includes her intimate and compelling lazy-good attitude, lively hippie-happy sound and a good LSD dealer. The band did not create psychedelic music that wanted to take you to a completely different dimension or fool you into believing that there were aliens.

No, for anyone who has seen Babe Rainbow sitting on the beach at sunset, struggling in a wet suit to surf, or watching a dandelion thought ‘this is the most powerful thing I have ever seen. Saw ‘. Admittedly, Babe Rainbow’s success was largely based on folk-psychedelic, optimistic and sometimes disco-infused music, which shattered his first two albums. Today, Released two years ago, on the other hand was a pleasant, but sobering journey, nevertheless culminating in his exciting songs.

Ann Changing colors Babe Rainbow continues its course towards calm psychedelic waters. The swinging waves we were so eagerly browsing on this album are often not exchanged for the pleasure of floating in a ripple of water, the sun burning on your slender legs. The first crown witness in this regard was the JeetJest. The song is brilliant and delicious, but opens up the sound and stucco. Just shaking your head over your shoulders is enough, but not enough to move your hips.

‘Love has just begun’, Angus assures you, so let us take you to “The Wind” through the gallery of inspired voices of the polyphonic sixties. This song sounds like a pleasant shower after a summer day, which filters the dust from the air. The pale element avoids the past like a fog horn in the distance with a whiter shadow, while the highly organic drum machine on the front provides a sound guitar stage. It is sedative and relaxes every fiber in your body.

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The eye-catcher of this album is definitely “Your Imagination”. On this album, Babe Rainbow could not build anyone other than Jothan Smith for a feature after swinging with her blonde locks. However, the expected gap in style is completely absent, and Jatan found his way through the soft-sweet beach instrument representing Baden Rainbow. The colorful and dancing sound of “Ready for the Day” and “California” is perfectly placed because of the depression that followed the song. The flammable combo of drums and bass is enough to straighten you out of your beach chair, and the burning psychedelic guitar part that exits through the seams of the song, all of which greatly adds to the bathing paradise atmosphere. At the end of “Rainbow Rock”, Angus’ effects-filled voice trembles with an aggressive cobra-like composition. But don’t panic, we’re happy to let our inflated flamingo bite a leak.

One of the musical highlights of Changing colors Is “New Zealand spinach”. Babe Rainbow’s psychedelic folklore culminates here in a very strange, exciting and exciting way. You can imagine how the Flower Boys sleeve this song during the jam session around the campfire, and you will be amazed at their talent. Sweet polyphonic passages, sound rings and basic drums create the sacred trinity of a beach party that you want to complete. You will feel even better when you hear the song “The Ringing Like a River”, a song that echoes back and forth slowly and rhythmically from Wa-Wa, which is essentially a “smile” though your jaw drops.

Sometimes a song will work. It strikes the right strings, or instantly creates a certain feeling. In the case of “smile”, it is pure bliss. The buzzing bass echoes deep in your heart, and Jack Grother on the chorus knows how to pick the right notes with his guitar. Angus floats like a psychedelic pastor in the richness of summer, he whispers rather than sings songs. There is no greater intelligence than this. After a song like that, the title song “Changing Colors” sounds like packing your bags after a fantastic trip. You still notice a breathtaking music horizon, but the sound of the airport is already raging in the distance.

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Babe Rainbow is not even going to enter the mainstream with a Jatan Smith feature in his pocket. You do not have to, because the brilliant psychedelic location where the band is located is an important part of its identity and led to another blissful journey on this album. Until we continue to create Babe Rainbow albums, enjoy listening to them!

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