Bad Ferrari image for American fans: I was very disappointed

Americans became more and more interested in Formula 1, as 140,000 spectators watched it for the race in Austin. According to Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, spectators should become Ferrari fans.

F1 in America

With the US Grand Prix and the Miami Grand Prix, America has two more races on the calendar in 2022. Plus, there’s a potential race on its way to Las Vegas, making all of Liberty Media’s dreams come true. Based on these races and the popularity of Drive to Survive, it looks like F1 is suddenly getting bigger in America.

“I definitely felt a change in following the sport on social media among American fans. I think it’s clear that Netflix has had the biggest impact on that. As a sport, we’ve always been behind relatively closed doors, but Netflix has made it possible for fans in America and around the world to see the personalities of the drivers. “. Sainz adds

Why Ferrari?

However, according to the Spaniard, Ferrari did not appear well in the series on Netflix. “The third episode of the season about Ferrari is not that great and I was very disappointed watching it because Ferrari is so much more awesome, so much bigger and so much better than it looks now.”

Sainz’s teammate knows why the Americans should become fans of their team. “For me, Ferrari is the most famous team ever in Formula 1. They have achieved a lot and have been there since the beginning. They are an amazing team and they have the most legends of the sport in the car.” Monaco concludes.

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