Bad news for fans of the hugely popular ‘Sons of Anarchy’ series

If you haven’t watched the entire series yet, you should be quick…

Don’t have a whole series of . Until now? sons of anarchy Watched on Netflix? Then it will soon be time to change that. The series will disappear from Netflix later this month.
sons of anarchy It is an American television series created by Kurt Sutter and tells the story of the Motorcycle Club sons of anarchy. The base of the series is the fictional town of Charming, California.

The series focuses not only on the lives of club members in general, but more specifically on the life of Jax Teller. He is not only the vice president of the club, but at the same time the son of one of the founders.

Seven seasons
Immediately after the first season was released in September 2008, it became clear that she could count on a lot of popularity. That popularity continued, resulting in a total of seven seasons. The final season was released on September 9, 2014 in the United States. The final episode aired on December 9 of that year.

Don’t have the full series yet? sons of anarchy And do you want to change that? Or would you like to watch some episodes again? Then you still have time until December 31, 2020. Then the streak will be gone forever Netflix!

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