Bad news for New Amsterdam fans.

Unfortunately, it seems that the end of the famous hospital chain is on the horizon …

Hospital series fans will get it with New Amsterdam He’s had a beautiful series to watch for years. Unfortunately for fans of the series, there is now bad news. The end is in sight.

The fourth season of. Currently in the United States New Amsterdam† This season consists of 22 episodes. In 2020, the series received another three season extension. This includes the fifth season. However, this season will be the last.

Low ratings
We can not say that popular New Amsterdam decreases significantly. In the United States, the series is still very popular, but the number of viewers has experienced a slight decrease. However, it’s not just the viewership numbers, but mainly the costs that ensure the series is removed.

In the Netherlands, it is possible to watch the first two seasons not only on the streaming service Netflix, but also on Videoland. Meanwhile, the third season also appeared in Videoland. It is not yet known when the fourth season will be released in the Netherlands. The season finale will air in America on May 24 this year.

Despite the fact that the hospital chain is coming to an end, we still have two seasons here in the Netherlands to look forward to.

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