Bad weather, but the indoor swimming pool in Ostburg will be closed this summer

Connie Tange, city councilor in New Kamendebelang, said this spring that the swimming pool in Ostburg, part of the de Inhorn sports complex, simply could not be opened in the summer. It receives many signals from residents that such a bad weather facility is needed. She understands that there is a drawback, because in good weather no chicken goes to an indoor swimming pool, but she believes it would be a good gesture for people.

Alderman Ryan de Pfizer indicates that this is not possible because both the playground and the swimming pool are completely cleaned during the summer holidays as water is removed from the pool. After that, employees have their own vacation.

Three beautiful summers in a row

Talks with the manager show that keeping the swimming pool open for the following summer can be financially difficult. De Pfizer: “We have three beautiful summers in a row now, and it’s not going to be busy.” According to Alderman, many of the amusement parks on the beach have their own indoor swimming pool and tourists can visit there.

The residents had nothing to do with it, she realized. They have to go to the beach or to the swimming pool in Ortenburg. He promised that the opening of de Inhur would retain his attention. The municipality, along with the operator, is exploring the possibility of allowing more children to swim after the summer.

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