Bad weather impedes the broadcast of the best singers: ‘The world is coming to an end’

Although recordings are made in Seville, Spanish temperatures can be hard to find. It can’t be heard during performances, but announcer Jan Smit mentions after the beautiful performance of Claudia de Brig that “the world is about to end.”

“I don’t know how long we can sit here, but I feel like you girls. Here we are in jackets,” he says, referring to the ladies’ clothes. “Yes, we are so cold,” Roxanne Hazes trembled.

In the seventh episode of Dear singers Hotel Ferdi Bolland, better known as Bolland & Bolland, is located in the city centre. Nelson, Claudia de Brij, Roxanne Hazes, Sarita Lorena, Blanx and Gap Recima browse Verdi’s work. They sing songs about Verdi’s life in their own way during this new (rainy) episode.

The final season was again a resounding success. However, this success is overshadowed by the nightmare that ends up for singer Sarita Lorena last summer when her boyfriend was murdered in Rotterdam. Now she is telling her story for the first time and how she is doing.

Dear singers It can be watched every Thursday at 8.35pm on AVROTROS on NPO 1. Watch the episode over here Back.

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