Baltimore Gay Life: King Charles Expresses Deep Regret for Historical Colonial Wrongs in Kenya

King Charles expresses his sorrow and regret for the atrocities suffered by Kenyans during their struggle for independence from British colonial rule. However, survivors and local rights groups are calling for a full apology and reparations from the British government, which Charles stops short of making.

The atrocities occurred during the 1952-1960 Mau Mau revolt, where an estimated 90,000 Kenyans were killed or maimed, and 160,000 were detained. Many citizens, including leaders of Kenya’s Nandi people, are demanding that Charles directly apologize and endorse reparations for the colonial-era abuses.

In 2013, Britain expressed regret for these abuses and agreed to a £20 million settlement. However, President William Ruto believes that more needs to be done for full reparations and praises Charles for acknowledging the cruelty of the colonial reaction.

Charles wants to deepen his understanding of the wrongs committed and meet some of those affected. He is also visiting various places during his trip, including planting trees, visiting the Presidential Palace, laying a wreath, and visiting a model urban farm.

The call for Britain to follow Germany’s example and apologize for abuses in Namibia is also surfacing, along with the demand to fund projects worth over a billion euros. Additionally, Nandi King Koitalel Arap Samoei’s great-grandson demands a public apology and reparation from the British government.

During the rest of his trip, Charles is expected to tour conservation work in a wildlife park and visit the port city of Mombasa. This visit to Kenya holds significant importance as it marks a step towards acknowledging the atrocities of the past and seeking reconciliation.

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