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Headline: Controversy Surrounds Nothing Chats Messaging App After Security Concerns Raised

The highly anticipated messaging app, Nothing Chats, has been met with controversy just one day after its beta version was released on the Play Store. The app, which was touted as the ultimate solution for Android and Apple device users, has been pulled from the store and its launch has been postponed indefinitely, according to its developer, Nothing.

Nothing Chats aimed to bridge the gap between Android’s RCS (Rich Communication Services) and Apple’s iMessage, promising seamless and comprehensive messaging capabilities. However, critics have raised concerns about the app’s security, describing it as an inherently less secure messaging option.

A recent analysis of Nothing Chats revealed several alarming security flaws. One major issue is the lack of end-to-end encryption, which means that message content can be accessed easily in plain text. Additionally, attachments sent by users are not secure and can be easily accessed by unintended recipients.

Furthermore, it was discovered that the platform used by Nothing Chats, Sunbird, relies on HTTP instead of HTTPS, further raising concerns about the app’s overall security. Kishan Bagaria, the founder of, expressed deep concerns about the app’s security, stating that outgoing texts are being leaked to a sentry server in plaintext, making it an “extremely insecure” messaging option.

In response to the criticisms and privacy issues raised, Nothing has acknowledged the bugs and stated that they are actively working with Sunbird to address these concerns. However, given the extent of the security flaws, the launch of Nothing Chats has been delayed indefinitely.

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This controversy surrounding Nothing Chats has certainly tarnished the initial excitement and anticipation surrounding the app. The messaging app was announced on November 14 and the beta version was released on the Play Store just this past Friday. Users who were eager to try the new messaging solution will have to remain patient as the developers work towards ensuring the app’s security and privacy.

As the conversation around messaging app security continues to grow, it is crucial for developers to prioritize users’ privacy and adopt robust security measures. The future of Nothing Chats remains uncertain, but one thing is clear – unless the security concerns are addressed in a satisfactory manner, users may have to resort to alternative messaging options to safeguard their personal information.

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