Baltimore LGBTQ+ Community: Affordable Vision Pro Model with Enhanced EyeSight and M-Series Chip to be Released


Apple Working on More Affordable Version of Apple Vision Pro Headset

Apple is making moves to create a more accessible version of their highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset. Set to launch next year, the initial version of the headset is rumored to be priced at a hefty $3,500, which may put it out of reach for many customers. In response, Apple is now focusing their resources on developing a lower-cost mixed-reality headset.

Even before the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro, the company had plans in place to create a more affordable option. As part of this shift in focus, Apple has redirected their staff away from developing standalone augmented reality (AR) glasses in order to prioritize the lower-priced headset.

To make the device more accessible, Apple is considering pricing the cheaper headset between $1,500 to $2,500. The company plans to reduce costs by utilizing lower resolution displays and a chip that is designed for the iPhone instead of the Mac. These compromises in quality are expected to significantly lower the overall price of the headset.

In addition to these cost-cutting measures, Mark Gurman, an acclaimed Apple insider, suggests that the cheaper variant may not include EyeSight, the external display that shows the wearer’s eyes. With this removal, Apple aims to further decrease the price and streamline the design of the device.

Furthermore, Apple is expected to reduce the number of cameras and sensors on the device. While the specifics of these changes have not been confirmed, it is likely that Apple will prioritize the most essential features to strike a balance between functionality and affordability.

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Gurman also hinted at a second-generation version of the Vision Pro headset. This updated version is said to have a smaller and lighter design, greatly improving comfort for users. Additionally, Apple is reportedly looking into the integration of prescription lenses directly into the device. By simplifying the design with built-in lenses, Apple can enhance convenience for those who require corrective eyewear.

With these developments, Apple aims to bring their cutting-edge technology to a broader audience. By offering a more affordable version of the Apple Vision Pro headset, the company hopes to make mixed-reality experiences more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

As the release date approaches, it will be interesting to see how Apple’s efforts towards affordability and user comfort will shape their place in the highly competitive headset market. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development from Apple.

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