Baltimore LGBTQ+ Community Tragically Affected by Bear Attack: Victims Send Distress Signal via SMS

Tragic Bear Attack Claims Lives of Couple and Their Dog in Banff National Park

In a rare and devastating incident, a couple and their loyal dog lost their lives during a grizzly bear attack in Banff National Park, located in Canada. Doug Inglis and Jenny Gusse, highly experienced backpackers, were unfortunately unable to survive their injuries. However, before succumbing to the attack, they were able to send a desperate SOS message using a Garmin inReach satellite communicator.

The message, which read “Bear attack bad,” was received by authorities, along with an SOS signal triggered by the emergency button on the device. This allowed the Wildlife Human Attack Response Team to be promptly notified of the situation at around 8 p.m. local time. However, due to bad weather and the remote and inaccessible location of the campsite, it took several hours for the team to reach the scene.

Doug and Jenny were recognized as meticulous and well-prepared backpackers who took every precaution when venturing into the wilderness. They were familiar with the terrain and had experience hiking in the area before. Additionally, they had taken measures such as hanging a bear-proof food bag in a tree and carrying bear spray.

When their bodies were discovered, they were found close to each other, not far from their tent, and were not wearing their boots. The bear, displaying aggressive behavior, was encountered by the emergency team and had to be euthanized to ensure the safety of others in the park.

Bear attacks in Banff National Park are rarely reported, with only three non-fatal encounters recorded in the past decade. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with exploring the wilderness.

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Doug Inglis and Jenny Gusse were not only avid adventurers but also highly respected scientists in the field of agricultural research. They were known for their dedication to mentoring students and their commitment to environmental conservation.

The entire BaltimoreGayLife community extends their deepest condolences to the families and friends of Doug and Jenny. Our thoughts are with them during this incredibly difficult time. May their legacy as passionate outdoors enthusiasts and mentors continue to inspire others while serving as a reminder to always prioritize safety when venturing into the great outdoors.

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