Ban on ‘viewing’ in Australian nightclubs ‘without prior permission’

A nightclub in Australia shared a remarkable message on its social media. Club 77 says it will remove visitors who intentionally view other visitors without obtaining “verbal permission” in advance.

People who regularly go to clubs, especially women, have undoubtedly experienced inappropriate behavior. Fortunately, in recent years there have been more efforts to prevent or take action against such cases. For example, some clubs have code words you can tell the bartender if you’re being harassed, and staff who monitor where and when to intervene.

A safe place

Club 77There is a nightclub in Sydney, Australia A safe place‘-principle Modified in hopes of creating an even safer environment for visitors. The club has a zero tolerance policy on harassment and goes a long way. He says he wants to make it clear that Club 77 is not the place to go if your only goal is to “cleanse” someone.

“As a nightclub, we encourage you to engage with strangers, but any engagement must begin with verbal consent. For example, the same applies if you’re looking at someone from a distance,” read their social media post.

To follow this new policy, the club has appointed specific security officers who are responsible for dealing with complaints as they arise. “If we receive reports of behavior that makes someone uncomfortable, the reported person will be removed from the location and the police will be called,” the message continues.

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Check out Club 77’s message here:

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