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afternoon sessionWith Stephen Banting, the World Darts Championships lost their second player. The world number 16, who reached the semi-finals in London last year, did not reach his level against Ross Smith and had to pay for it after a thrilling five-set match with his life in the tournament: 3-2. Mike Kouwenhoven confirmed the success of the Dutch national team in the afternoon session.

Stephen Bunting stumbled on his ascent for some time and then also had the necessary startup issues. He saw his opponent go off with the first five legs and obviously something had to be added. lucky the bullet He managed to do that to an extent and Smith also missed more and more darts in the double, allowing the three-time Lakeside champ to sort things out for a 2-1 lead in the sets.

But Smith hasn’t given up yet. He forced the break early in the fourth set with 107 points, only to win that set with an unmatched 10 quartets a little later: 2-2. In the decisive fifth set, it was extended and what Smith did then was a great class. With 167 common ending stained Click on a study, then install it with the extension paying off of 102. For example, Ponting has already found his Waterloo in the second round, while Smith can return to Alexandra Palace after Christmas. The only other ranked player to have died so far is Krzysztof Ratajski.

Kuivenhoven Personal Scoop

Mike Koevenhoven had an afternoon session a few hours ago opened with a beat On average Australian Key Smith: 3-1. On his second attempt, Westlander for the first time managed to advance by one round in the World Cup. Rent? Meet James Wade in the second round tomorrow night. vs god Kuivenhoven will have to go further, throwing an average of 88.88 but dropping a few stitches, especially on the doubles.

Danny Neubert knows this afternoon that his opponent from England is Jason Hever. Ditching Australian Gordon Mathers after an unsuccessful match, this was the pattern for almost the entire afternoon session. Alan Sutar qualified for the second round, at the expense of Diogo Portela (3-2).

Afternoon session results
first round (best 5)
Mike Koevenhoven (Ned) – Key Smith (Australia): 3-1
• Jason Hever (Engineer) v Gordon Mathers (Australia): 3-1
• Alan Sutar (Sch) – Diogo Portela (Brazil): 3-2
The second phase (best 5)
• Stephen Banting (B) – Ross Smith (B): 2-3

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