Barbados is considering a lawsuit against a scion of a slave-owning family


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The Barbados government is considering going to court to force the scion of a British slave-owning family to pay compensation. to write Watchman. The British newspaper obtained an article that will be published tomorrow in the newspaper “The Observer” Sunday. This is the first time that an attempt has been made to force a private individual to pay compensation for an ancestor’s involvement in slavery, according to The Guardian.

The descendant in question is Richard Drax, a wealthy Conservative member of the House of Commons. According to The Observer, he recently visited Barbados, an island nation and republic in the Caribbean and a former British colony. His family has owned a plantation there since the 17th century and played an important role in the sugar plantation and slave trade in the Caribbean and the United States.

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Buildings on the Drax family farm in Barbados

Drax is said to have met Prime Minister Motley in Barbados. Report on this now with her government. It lists follow-up steps, including legal action, if an agreement cannot be reached with Drax, according to The Guardian.

hundreds of years

“If the issue is not resolved, we will take it to international courts,” the head of the Barbados Compensation Task Force told the newspaper. “The case against the Drax family involves hundreds of years of slavery. It is likely that the damage far exceeds the value of the land.”

According to the deputy head of the task force, other families who became wealthy from slavery in Barbados are also being considered, including the British royal family. “The matter is now with the government.”

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