Barendrechts Dagblad | Meeting point of Ukrainians and residents

The new meeting room for Ukrainians in Treffpunt was officially opened today by Mayor Veldhuijzen. In Treffpunt Ukrainians can come together, ask social questions and participate in activities that contribute to integration in Barendrecht. In addition, Barendrecht residents can contact the information point in ‘t Treffpunt. Residents can ask questions about and receive Ukrainians.

In recent months, Bethel Church has opened its doors as a meeting place for Ukrainians. Weekly meetings are organized here, from which many Ukrainians and residents have benefited. Since there was a need for a permanent place and longer working hours, the municipality looked for an alternative. A permanent site has now been created in Treffpunt. Mayor Veldhuijzen stresses the need for this facility for both Ukrainians and residents: “It is a place to meet each other, feel at home and exchange experiences and tips. Ukrainians can get to know Barendrecht very well and learn from each other and our residents.”

Treepoint Furnishing

The space at ‘treffpunt’ was created with the help of Ukrainian volunteers and refugees themselves. Together with the municipality, they set out to work creatively and energetic in renovating the space, collecting furniture and other necessities such as books, crockery and toys.

work hours

Initially, the meeting space was in dr. Kuyperstraat 4 is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm. Thanks to the extended working hours, people can go not only for social questions, but also for fun. It is still being considered whether the space can also be opened in the evening. More and more Ukrainians have found work, which also makes it desirable to save space in the evening.

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