Barendrechts Dagblad | The Present Foundation is looking for a space with cooking facilities for the reception

Requests for assistance from the current Barendrecht Foundation have increased recently. In order to facilitate this, the Foundation relies not only on the efforts of volunteers, but also on other organizations that provide its facilities and on the support provided by Barendrecht municipality. This became apparent during a conversation between Esther Dost and Desirée de Bruin from Stichting Present and Tina Jakoeb from PvdA Barendrecht.

One of the topics that the establishment draws attention to is the provision of space for receiving guests with cooking facilities. Many volunteers enjoy cooking for the elderly or people with disabilities, or serving tea a lot. The present can sometimes use other locations, but preconditions are not always possible. There are also plans for a new cooking project, which will require a professional kitchen where several volunteers can prepare meals together for fellow villagers with a small grant.

Caring for each other and providing support are important values ​​to PvdA. The PvdA part therefore appreciates the efforts of the current organization and its volunteers and is ready to contribute ideas on how to continue and expand their activities.

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