Barriers to family reunification and protection assistance to manage the asylum crisis

So the waiting time for family members left behind will be a maximum of 15 months, says the responsible Secretary of State. In the long run, he expects a few hundred fewer people a week.

These are some of the measures the government intends to take to curb the refugee crisis. The system is currently at a standstill as all the asylum seeker centers are full and the application center in Der Abel is flooded with asylum seekers every day.

Unable to get to the asylum seeker centers, people have been forced to sleep outdoors for weeks. Those centers are once again full because there is no housing for refugees who have been granted status and have already been told they can stay. Housing associations must now make twelve percent of their housing available to refugees instead of eight.

Security Assistance

The Ministry of Defense provides a place to ensure that people no longer have to sleep outside. In addition, security will help transport people from Der Abel to other destinations.

Maximum waiting time

There will be no new law, but the government will use maximum waiting times for family reunification. Requests are processed, but receiving people is temporarily postponed. For example, the cabinet wants to clear the backlog first and put things in order.

State Secretary van der Burgh said, ‚ÄúPeople are only allowed to bring their family members if they have a house or flexible housing. “It will last until December 31, 2023 and we will review in July.”

The cabinet also wants to temporarily stop accepting people allowed to come to Europe under the Turkey deal. According to van der Burgh, the Netherlands has resettled a ‘considerable number of people’ over the years, relatively more than all other European countries. That’s about a thousand people a year. “But now people are sleeping on the grass in Der Abel or in the sports halls, which is no longer possible.”

‘Neither New Zealand nor England’

Van der Burgh calls it ‘not responsible for people getting into the current situation’.

However, he stressed that absolute asylum cannot be stopped. “We’re not New Zealand or England.”

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