Bars and restaurants are open until 2 AM, and the weather is fine in Gibraltar

Minister Fabian Picardo said: “We are finally leaving our deadliest winter and entering our most optimistic one.” Gibraltar recorded more than 4,200 cases of coronavirus and 94 deaths, the majority of them last winter.

Now, according to Picardo, it’s time to relax. The ban on alcoholic beverages will remain in effect in public places, with the exception of catering establishments including stands. You shouldn’t drink a drop of alcohol in parks or on the street between 7:00 PM and 8:00 AM.

The wearing of a mouth mask remains mandatory on public transport, department stores, and government buildings. On the street, this mouth mask was also mandatory, but that will end next Sunday.

The crowd at the stadium near Gibraltar – orange

More is also possible at a sporting level. For example, in the World Cup qualifying match against the Netherlands next Tuesday. 600 supporters may be present on a trial basis. This means that a third of the stadium is populated by Gibraltar residents.

Despite the good news, the government is calling for vigil. For example, most of the people who work in Gibraltar come from the neighboring Spanish region of Andalusia. There is much lower vaccination coverage and the infection rate much higher.

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