Bart Shield, returning from the US, faces an exciting story with BAL | 1 Limburg

Bart Shield recently returned from the United States to play again for the Limburg Basketball Academy (BAL) at Weert.

On Tuesday evening, Shield and Ball were supposed to book the season’s second win, but failed twice in the final second. So she’s a bale for the 23-year-old, and he’s so happy he’s back in the old nest, even though he had to deal with a little culture shock.

It is not usual for players to return to BAL during their careers. Shield did this while locked. Four years ago, Vert left behind to play in the United States. He views that adventure with satisfaction and pride. Shield hopes to use the experience gained to add value to BAL, especially under the basket.

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The first-place qualifiers are the club’s goal. But at the moment, BAL has camps among the bottom teams in the Dutch Basketball League. “We played against the Big Four in the first five matches,” said Chairman Jeroen van Vien, who is confident that BAL will climb the world rankings. Van Veen and Schild point to a list of the infections that currently bother BAL.

On Tuesday evening, the BAL team fell in a strange way against the heroes of Den Bosch, but on Saturday the final opportunity for revenge appeared on the horizon. Weert will then play in Amsterdam against the last player in the league, Apollo.

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