Bart Verstappen (15) Dutch Test Champion | 1 Limburg

15-year-old Bart Verstappen of Rogel became the Dutch trial champion in the youth class last weekend. The experience is riding motorcycles at low speeds over and around obstacles.

In D’n Heijakker’s Maasbree trial area, Verstappen had the fewest penalty points.

Participants in the Dutch National Championships experience have to drive on a track with different obstacles. They don’t know the route yet: Participants are allowed to explore it once on foot in advance.

If you touch the ground during a match, you will incur one penalty point. Anyone who falls gets five. Verstappen received a total of 26 penalty points because his foot touched the ground. It never fell.

secret trial rider
According to Verstappen, the secret to a good demo rider is control. “I don’t like speed very much. You have to do everything very calmly. Having control and balance, that’s it.” The NK cycle did not find the biker too difficult. “I thought it wasn’t that bad compared to other times.”

From an early age
Bart has been driving over obstacles since he was three years old. Back then with a tricycle and later as a young kid with his first test motorcycle. Verstappen’s father had already bought the bike for his other five-year-old son, but he turned out to be uninterested. Bart was interested in it and so the engine was taken out of the garage.

Now that he’s a Dutch champion with the youngsters, Verstappen hopes to become the same with the seniors. Anyway, he plans to train hard to stand on the ground there as well.

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