Bart was in Genesis and this is his report: “Everyone in the room felt respect for the rock band”


The cohesion between the songs is formed by Phil’s jokes, which he delivers with peace and a big smile on his face. “He should be going home now because he has to do his homework,” he proudly declared to his 20-year-old son Nicholas Collins on the drums. By the way, Nicholas graduated a long time ago in the field of drum training if you ask me. Tonight it will be revealed that Jane drummer Phil has passed from father to son. It’s beautifully immersed in the wonderful voice of Mike and Tony and the amazing backing vocalists. By the way, great props for the visual elements on the screens behind the ensemble. It looks great and fits seamlessly with the music.

deal with singing

In the second half of the show, 17,000 Ziggo Dome residents are treated to singing along to songs like No Son Of Mine, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (ooohooo!!!) and Invisible Touch. Phil does not leave the stage completely in order to appear, but just as before he hides behind a folding screen so that he does not have to go up and down the stairs. Then I can’t dance go off from the speakers as one of the bouncers. Tasty!

I would probably agree with the criticism that you had to visit the Genesis a little earlier to enjoy the full experience, you really are missing an energetic leader. But if you haven’t seen Genesis before, this was a unique opportunity. Everyone in the room tonight felt the respect of one of the most successful and best-selling rock bands of all time.

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