Bates saddle exclusive collaboration with British Equestrian


This is the saddle brand’s second partnership with a major equestrian organization in the UK, after Bates Saddles was recognized as an official partner of British Eventing last year. UK Equestrian CEO Jim Eyre said the organization was delighted to welcome Bates Saddles as their official partner in the saddle. “As an organisation, they share the same core values ​​regarding the welfare and comfort of horses, and we look forward to sharing their knowledge and experience with our audience,” Jim said. “The Bates Saddles team wants to make sure that all riders, no matter what brand of saddle they ride, have instant access to information when it comes to saddle fitting. This is for the welfare of the horse.”

Horses first place

Managing Director, Ron Bates, said his team looks forward to providing informative and educational content about saddle development with British Equestrian’s reach of more than three million riders. “The guiding principle behind each of our saddle innovations is to put the horses first,” said Ron. “As a national governing body, British Equestrian provides information to riders across the country and also promotes horse welfare. We are very proud to contribute to this and look forward to the opportunities this partnership will provide.”

educational content

Through this new partnership with British Equestrian, Bates Saddles will share the key findings of her research and development on British Equestrian social media channels and in the organization’s newsletter. In addition to providing educational content, Bates Saddles is committed to offering competition prizes to further support British equestrian members and supporters.

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