BBB is concerned about the placement of wind turbines: “Green spaces will be allocated, citizens will not participate.”

The placement of wind turbines, wind turbines, solar lawns and data centers creates a lot of resentment and alienation among the local population. “It’s fast paced,” says Caroline Van Der Blas of BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) ​​at WNL Op Saturday. “The green space is full of data centers and huge parks for solar energy.”

In order to achieve the goals of the Climate Agreement, the Netherlands will have to switch collectively to sustainable green energy. But citizens feel victimized when they bear the burden, but not the unwanted joys of backyard wind turbines. “We are concerned about the extent of citizen participation in this matter,” Van der Blas says. And to what extent do they benefit from it? A lot of money and subsidies are disappearing into the pockets of major foreign investors. “

Van der Plas understands that farmers accept profitable offers for these types of projects. I can imagine farmers renting out their land for windmills or solar gardens. It is additional income for the farmer, but the farmer must be able to obtain his income from food production. There is no paper path for a government employee. “

Concerns about citizen participation

Researcher involvement and digitization in wind energy at Wageningen University, Helena Solomon, is also concerned about the extent of citizen participation. “Participation is really important. Participation not only means informing people, it means truly engaging them. Citizens must not only be able to say yes or no to a project, but also be able to participate actively.”

In order to improve citizen participation in these projects, local referendums should also be held, Van der Blas says. “People who do not participate in such a project should also be able to make a statement about their living environment.”

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