BBC raises alarm for disappeared Myanmar journalist | Currently

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) raised the alarm due to the disappearance of a reporter in Myanmar weeks ago. Journalist Aung Thura is said to have been picked up by “unknown men” in the capital, Nay Pyi Taw. Since then, all trace of it has been lost.

Thora reports on the military coup in the country on behalf of the BBC. The Myanmar military seized power in early February and arrested government leader Aung San Suu Kyi. According to the generals, there was fraud in the elections that were won by the Nobel Prize-winning political party.

BBC says in one Statement on Twitter Very worried about a bull, because he has not been seen in weeks. The British Broadcasting Corporation has requested the assistance of local authorities.

More journalists have been arrested recently in the country. For example, the German embassy is still negotiating the release of Polish journalist Robert Bockiaga, who works on behalf of the German news agency DPA. DPA Active in the country. He is said to have been brutally arrested in Taunggi. In addition, photojournalist Than Zhao has become a press agency AP Charged with “spreading fear and spreading false news.”

Since the coup, Myanmar residents have taken to the streets every day to demonstrate against the takeover of power. Soldiers target them regularly, resulting in an unknown number of deaths. The numbers of reported deaths vary up to a few hundred. Thousands of protesters would have been arrested.

There is a lot of international criticism of the Myanmar authorities. The European Union may announce sanctions against Myanmar on Monday. Several countries, including New Zealand, said they would suspend diplomatic relations for the time being.

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