BBC Studios is making insane profits this year with its list of the best series

Brits are well able to come out of the COVID crisis with huge profits.

BBC Studios, the commercial arm of the British media empire, has made an unexpected profit this year, with a 50% increase in profits over last year! This adds up to £226m, with sales increasing 30% to £1.62bn. These are strange sums that emerge from annual reports, which are due to many of their most important chains.

The BBC obviously offers many programs for national use in the UK, but many of its programs also attract large audiences from abroad. Due to their use of English (obviously), British programs are more accessible to a global audience, who have already mastered the language well.

This year’s earnings are the first to be tested by Tom Fossil, the new CEO of BBC Studios. He took the reins in the fall of 2021 from Tim Davey, now CEO of BBC Umbrella.

CEO speaking
The success of the BBC is due in part to world-famous titles such as Doctor from And the maximum speedas well as dramas from other producers, such as North water And the outlaws.

Tom Fossil said of the high earnings: “Last year has been a great year for BBC Studios thanks to huge demand for our top brands such as Strictly/Dancing with the Stars, Time, Bluey and Planet…

continue: “Despite the unfavorable economic climate, we are very positive about future opportunities. Our investments now may have an impact on short-term earnings, and we all know we are building a company that will play a key role within the BBC going forward.”

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