Bear named ‘Hank the Tank’ weighs over 200 pounds, loots California homes | Abroad

This is what the New York Times writes. Paintballs, sirens and electric lightning bolts can’t stop the “Exceptionally Big Bear” from scavenging for leftover pizza and other foods. Local authorities said the bear had entered at least 28 homes since July.

So far, no one has been able to stop Hank, said Peter Terra, a spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Administration and local police officials tried to “shoot” the bear with paintball pistols, sirens and electric detonators, but he didn’t get away for long. “It’s easier to find leftover pizza than to go into the woods,” Terra said on Sunday.

Residents have called police more than 100 times since July about Hank as he continues to rampage through the California town. The authorities are now trying to arrest Hank and possibly euthanize him. “This is a bear that no longer fears people,” Tera told the New York Times. “It’s a potentially dangerous situation.”

“Exceptionally large”

Hank, as the locals call him, uses his size and power to penetrate garages, windows, and doors. Authorities said Hank weighed about 226 kilograms, which is “exceptionally massive.” The average black bear weight in the western United States is about 45 to 136 pounds, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“Hank’s diet of human food and excrement increased his size: ‘He didn’t get those fats that eat berries and grubs,'” said Anne Bryant, director of Bear League, a California wildlife rescue service. with human food.

Terra said Hank did not fall into his trap this month, so authorities are considering a new approach, with euthanasia as their “last option.” He said that if the bear was moved to another area, the problem would only move. All other shelters are also very full.

“cute and gentle”

A local resident, Bryant, said that while the neighbors didn’t want Hank to destroy their homes, they did want to be treated with respect. Authorities removed a bear trap in the area after someone sprayed a “Bear Killer” on it.

Residents are quick to point out that Hank is kind and gentle. Bryant said that when he breaks into a house, he’s more interested in the food than the people inside.

“He just sits there and eats,” she said. “He doesn’t attack them. He doesn’t roar. He doesn’t make blunt faces.” According to local authorities, the bear has not yet harmed people. “Why did this big doll die?” Bryant said.

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