Beatles fans want a museum in Hillegom: “I’m looking for space for my collection”

Hillegom and The Beatles were linked through a parade in Treslong on June 5, 1964. There is indeed a Beatle monument in the village, but now Teun wants to set up a museum there as well.

He still remembers that the Beatles visited the Netherlands. It was in 1964 and the Beatles had been in our country for a few days to attend a concert at Blokker, cruise through the Amsterdam canals and a TV show at Treslong in Hillegom. Teun was twelve years old at the time and there was no doubt that he was allowed to go to a show. “My father wasn’t allowed to do that.”

The Beatles were very different, and their music was very innovative – Teun Korthals, a Beatle fan

Nevertheless, he did manage to get a glimpse of the band. They drove past his home in New Fenb to Heiligom. We went to have a look with friends. They brought in a white Chevrolet, which was a second job.

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He has been a fan since then. The two teenage stars at the time were Williki Alberti and Anniki Grunloo, but I didn’t like it. Then came the Beatles, which was very different. Their look and music were very innovative.


However, it took years before Nieuw-Venneper started collecting Beatless things. “This started in the mid-1980s with the purchase of records.” His group continued to expand.

He now has a room full as there is nothing to suit her anymore. “It’s cramped and small,” says Tune, looking around. The walls are covered in posters, and there are rows of recordings and Beatles paraphernalia around every corner. It is a shame that it is cramped here. I am looking for a solution. ”

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Property sought

So Beatles fans are looking for a building in Hillegom. They were performing there at the time. So it would be nice for Hillegommers to see my collection. I’ll sit there, and people can then visit the museum for free. There is actually a Beatles museum on Alkmaar, but according to Teun, there should also be a museum on Hillegom. “Hillegum deserves it.”

Johan Van Buren of the Beatles Treslong Hillegom memorial joins this. It is a great idea. It would be a nice addition to the memorial. Hope the tourists will come again soon. They can then continue from Keukenhof to Hillegom, to the memorial and museum. He supports the plan and invites people with space or other ideas to report it.

The Beatles Tune Passport

A fan of the Beatles since: 12 him.
Favorite Beatles: George Harrison. “I thought his hair was so beautiful, and I could feel my hair that way too.”
The Beatles Favorite Song: A Day in the Life from Sgt. Pepper’s Club Band Lonely Hearts. “Because I think it’s very special how this song is put together.”
Most proud of: The Beatles Dresses. It was on sale at C&A for 9.95 guilders. Now you have to pay 300 euros or more for it. I really like them, and so is the way they were made.
He would like to add to his collection: The Beatles’ first LP, please please me, then the English press on the Black Gold poster. “Few dishes were compressed.”

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