Beautiful loft in Soho (New York)

Today we look inside a beautiful loft SoHo (New York), where investor and software technologist Peter lives with his company, Shibu Inu Sam. The architect on site was Andrew Berman, known for designing the MoMa PS1, and the interior design was provided by Justin Sharett Design – And successfully.

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Interior view: a beautiful loft in Soho, New York

The loft has an area of ​​260 square meters and consists of a very large bedroom with a separate study and two bathrooms. It’s an open loft – all on one level, with sliding doors throughout. The historic cast iron building dates back to 1910 and was originally designed for commercial use. The spaces were later converted into living areas and now consist of 6 residential units, each with a full floor.

Interior designer Charette was challenged to create a bachelor’s loft that was gorgeous in tone, yet remained warm and inviting. The client wanted the overall atmosphere to be an escape from the fast paced New York City, while also enjoying the colors of the neighboring buildings. In the study, for example, Charette built a burgundy sofa inspired by the nearby red brick building.

Justin Sharett Design

Designed by Justin Sharett

Justin Sharett Design

the biggest challenge

The biggest challenge was keeping the space open and airy while simultaneously placing the furniture and artwork in the right place, emphasizing the size and breadth of the space. The interior of the project took a full year to complete. The architecture was a multi-year process, with architect Andrew Berman.

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palette of colors and materials

Charette used a variety of light-colored leathers and neutral rugs with soothing patterns and textures to create different areas in the loft. In terms of the color palette, the idea was to keep the space airy and light, while also being easy to maintain for the owner and his dog Shibu Inu. To add warmth, the designer incorporated wood tones that complement the original wood beams found throughout the house. Hints of chrome and glass add a reflective touch.

sources of inspiration

“I approach each project with the client’s needs and aesthetics in mind,” says designer Justin Sharett. ‘We wanted to create something modern and quiet that balances the history of the loft and modern renovation. Ultimately, the space is a huge source of inspiration, just as the surrounding buildings are so prominent in the space.

“Quiet and quiet,” how would he describe this Soho home. “He has a timeless charisma and is typical of upstate life in New York.” It became the ideal place for guests to gather or to relax for its owner Peter.

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