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Enschede – A new stream gives the water more space in Enschede, reduces flood risk and creates more nature in the city. Construction of the first part of the Zuiderspoorbeek, which follows the route of the former railway of the same name, will begin on Monday.

The municipality wants to make the city ready for future weather with several modifications. “Heavy rains are becoming more frequent. Enschede will also have to deal with warmer summers and longer dry periods,” says Lies Rubingh, Climate Adaptation Communications Consultant.

10 million dollars

Zuiderspoorbeek can collect a total of 10 million liters of water and drain it bit by bit. When the stream is ready, rainwater flows through drainpipes and street drains into the Zuiderspoorbeek instead of into a sewer. Robbing: “Less chance of sewage overflowing if it rains heavily. This way a large amount of water disappears safely from the city. The stream also draws groundwater from Horstlanden-Veldkamp and the center. This reduces groundwater pollution.”


The Zuiderspoorbeek runs from the Haaksbergerstraat along Blekerpad, dives under the Pathmossingel at Volkspark and leaves the city via Westerval. Robbing: “As many flowers, plants and trees will grow along the banks of the stream. This creates a new kind of living climate with water and nature in the city. This is good for biodiversity and makes the environment more beautiful.”

The first part of the table will be built in the spring and summer. This part runs along Blekerpad from Haaksbergerstraat to Blekerstraat. The second segment will follow at the end of this year, after which the construction of the third segment of the stream along Westerval will follow.

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