Becky Hamman became the first woman to serve as head coach at the NBA Games

Although 2020 is almost over, it is turning sports milestones. Wednesday night, for the first time, a woman served as head coach at an NBA game.

When Spurs coach Greg Bopoviச் was sacked after arguing with a referee in the second quarter of a game against the Los Angeles Lakers in San Antonio, he turned to his assistant Becky Hamman and pointed out he needed to capture the team.

“He officially pointed me out,” Hamman said Said. “It simply came to our notice then. ‘You’ve got them,’ he said. Obviously, this is a big deal. This is a significant moment. ”

“It was business as usual,” he added. “They’re used to hearing my voice in practice. In practice, Bob would add us to two teams, we would each have a team. So they got used to hearing me, I see them drawing a play on the board or in a play.” . ”

121-107, though not much done by the milestone during the Lakers’ winning game, the reaction then poured out.

“It’s a beautiful thing to hear her screaming, to hear her set out.” Lockers LeBron James said. “She is very interested in sports. So congratulations to her, congratulations to our league. ”

Hamman, 43, was expelled from the state of Colorado, but played in the WNBA for 16 years, where he was an all-star six times. After passing for the United States Olympic team, He represented RussiaHe also played professionally in the 2008 and 2012 games.

To his flight home from the 2012 London Games, Hamman’s seatmate was Bobovich. He recalled what he had asked her, “So if you had been my assistant, I would have asked you something, would you have told me the truth?”

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She replied, “If I do not want to tell the truth, I do not know why anyone else should ask.” He replied, “Well, yes I don’t like men.”

In 2013, Hamman tore his anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and abruptly ended his WNBA season. While he was in rehab, he worked with Spurs as a coach. In 2014, Popovich hired her First full-time female assistant coach In the league.

At the time, he said of Popovich: “Honestly I am a woman and I don’t think he gives me two coins. I don’t want to be hired because I am a woman. “He has been the head coach of Spurs’ Las Vegas Summer League team three times and won the title in 2015.

There were other milestones for women in this year’s games.

In November, she became Sarah Fuller of Vanderbilt First lady When he kicked for the team to play and score in a regular season game at one of the Power 5 conferences of college football. Kim Ng became the first woman to be appointed to run the baseball activities of a major league team Named General Manager Miami Marlins. Alyssa Nagan of the San Francisco Giants at an exhibition game in July First lady Train on the field in major leagues.

Hamman’s setback in the league has sparked speculation that he will one day be head coach, and he has been announced as a candidate for several top jobs in the past, most recently the Indiana Pacers.

“The future is bright for her,” Spurs’ Djaunte Murray said after the game. “I hope she sticks to it and will not give up. One day it may happen, it will not happen, who knows, but she’s definitely on the right track.”

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Hamman tried to focus on his duties.

“I’m with the guys right now,” he said. “Trying to figure out what is the best way to help them.”

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