Bee Honest Cosmetics Introduces Manuka Line

The latest addition to the bee honest cosmetic care line is the Manuka line with a hand cream, day and night cream. Manuka attracts attention, which is not surprising. It has special properties and is often used for skin problems. Manuka honey helps to moisturize, repair and soothe the skin. This honey is processed into a day and night cream and hand cream. The creams are BDIH / COSMOS certified, have a pleasant aroma and no palm oil.

Beneficial effect
Manuka honey comes from the subtropical forests of New Zealand. Honey bees are collected by bees, which is also known as the ‘tea tree’. Tea trees have been known to Australian and New Zealand wildlife for thousands of years for their beneficial properties due to their special properties.

Day Cream Manuka
A day cream that moisturizes and repairs the skin of the mixture. Manuka honey has a soothing effect with natural active ingredients including organic manuka honey, jojoba oil, rosemary and calendula juice and vitamin E. The cream is quickly absorbed. A powerful blend of jojoba and sunflower oils softens the skin, while calendula and rosemary juice have a cleansing effect.

Night Cream Manuka
A rich, full-bodied night cream that nourishes and restores oily skin overnight. With a powerful blend of natural active ingredients including organic manuka honey, jojoba and sesame oil, shea butter and vitamin E. Manuka honey contributes to the optimal moisture balance of the skin. Shea butter and sesame oil are rich in antioxidants. Jojoba and sunflower oils provide skin softness.

HandCrome Manuka
Natural active moisturizing hand cream including organic manuka honey, apricot kernel oil and vitamin E. The nourishing apricot kernel oil keeps the skin smooth. This hand cream has an intense moisturizing effect and protects from drying out. Light, non-greasy cream for beautiful, soft hands.

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Durable pipe
The hand cream tube is a durable material, 57% PCR. PCR stands for Post-Consumer Recycling, which means recycled material used by the end user. This circular material aims to reuse products and raw materials as much as possible. Plastic recycling creates new plastic products. The tubes have different layers with an inner layer that does not come into contact with the PCR, so 57% of the PCRs are not.

Advantages of PCR material:

  • Savings in the use of fossil raw materials through reuse
  • The material is made from waste
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Contribution to reducing waste mountain
  • It is round: the packaging can be recycled

Test team
Manuka Line was well tested and scored an average of 7.5! ‘You think it works, it does something’ and ‘My skin feels hydrated’ are some responses. Others found the creams to absorb well, feel soft and nourish.

Good for your body and nature
In addition to honey, bees also make other special products, all of which are rich in active ingredients that help keep skin and hair healthy and beautiful. Bee Honest Cosmetics makes good use of it by combining it with other carefully selected plant extracts. Since each skin requires specific care, the formulas are precisely formulated to suit the needs of different skin types.

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