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Beijing 2022

Beijing 2022 | Final – Nils van der Poel stops skiing for the third time

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This article will be updated between the start of the team chase and the end of the 500m race.


As with the men, the women’s 500m has only been conducted on one circuit since the previous Olympic Games. This increases the chance of a surprise, but not much should be expected of Dutch women.

Vicky Cook and Michel de Jong will try at short distance, but the two women are nowhere near the top of the world this season. Kwok and Dae Jung are only 20 and 22 years old. So Beijing mainly aims to gain Olympic experience. Meanwhile, Jutta Leerdam’s chances are mainly at 1,000m and the shortest sprint distance is the warm-up period.

The top of the world nowadays is very broad among women. Gone are the days when Sang-hwa Lee won it all. Three women stand out at the moment. These are the American Irene Jackson, the Russian Angelina Golikova and the Japanese Nao Kodaira.

Jackson finished 24th in the 500m at the 2018 Olympics, but she has made significant progress in the past four years. Now it’s time to harvest for the 29-year-old runner. Her role as a favourite is why the women’s only 500m is around 2:55 pm It takes place in the afternoon. Prime time at home in America! By the way, Jackson can be very grateful to her friend Brittany Beau who can appear at first. Satisfying? So is Jackson. Boo made a great gesture.

Golikova has not yet won an Olympic medal, but she is the world champion in this segment. For Golikova, this may also be an opportunity to crown her career with Olympic gold. After all, Kodaira is still one of my favorites. The 35-year-old Japanese will defend her Olympic title in Beijing, in what may be her last games. Kodaira is an absolute star at 500 metres.

Of the seven best 500 meters ever cut, six bear her name. Unfortunately for Kodaira, this is exactly the fastest time ever for her not to. The name is still Sang-hwa Lee, who retired in 2019.

Women’s 500m Draw

Stage 1: Hogas (ROE) – Rodriguez (ARG)
Stage 2: Bag (Bill) – Samsonsen (No)
Phase 3: Zdrahalova (TSJ) – Ripsrud (NOR)
Stage 4: Herzog (East) Takagi (Japan)
Stage 5: Hudey (Canada) – Bowe (USA)
Stage 6: Aidova (Kazakhstan) – Huang (Tai)
Stage 7: Jin (Chi) – Gotta Leerdam
Stage 8: McLean (Canada) – Michel de Jong
ride 9: FEMKE KOK – McDougall (Canada)
Stage 10: Go (JAP) – Kim (ZKO)
Stage 11: Goetz (USA) – Kachanova (Russia)
Stage 12: Tien (Che) – Nevantava (Belgium)
Stage 13: Golikova (Russia) – Kodaira (Japan).
Stage 14: Jackson (US) – Ziumek (Poland)
Stage 15: Vatkolina (Russia) – Wojjik (Poland)

men chase team

Prior to the women’s 500m race, the quarter-final rounds will be held to pursue the men’s team. start in 09:00 am The Netherlands will play against Canada. The coordination is the same for women. On Sunday, eight teams will compete for a place in the semi-finals to be held later.

The Dutch trio consists of Marcel Busker, Sven Kramer and Patrick Rost. Holland can call itself a favorite place for gold. If nothing goes wrong, TeamNL has two sprinters with Bosker and Roest and an engine on the team with Kramer.

Hopefully there’s more chemistry between them than the women, because apparently (in spite of individual medals) they haven’t yet found the right spot. However, being in the semi-finals is a reality.

Men’s team chase draw

The first stage: South Korea – Italy
ride 2: Holland – Canada
Phase 3: USA – Norway
Stage 4: China – Russian athletes

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Beijing 2022

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