Beijing 2022 | ‘Sports must prevail’ – Final Round on Gotta Leerdam and Commerce in Sports

The interests of the commercial teams break the cohesion of the Dutch delegation. It causes irritation among skiers and coaches themselves.

team wallet

This annoyance was even more pronounced about the two teams’ pursuits. Frank van den Wall Beek does not utter the words: “Netherlands, the country of the skateboarders should get their gold there.”

Beijing 2022

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“With us, individual distances and athletes reign and we will continue to strive for the team for some time. This is of course not allowed, and then the national coach has to act seriously.”

supremacy of sports

Van den Walback continues, “Dancing to the tunes of the teams is not allowed, although there is Dutch skating thanks to those teams.”

The sports marketer concludes with advice to the International Olympic Committee “Sports should take precedence over commerce. The Olympics should last every four years,” “We cherish scarcity. If sport remains good and athletic, it will automatically continue to sponsor.” Too.

Final Round

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