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In quarters


The Belgian cats lost to Italy in a large training match. Without Emma Meesseman and Julie Allemand, the Belgian basketball girls played better in the first half, but the spring broke with the young team after the break.

The Belgian cats have arrived in Spain to compete in the World Cup in Australia in September. The Belgian women for the mini-tournament did not find the strongholds of Emma Miseman, Julie Almond, Antonia Teller and Hind Ben Abdelkader.

In the first half, again Maxuella Lisowa gave some punches and kept the cats in Italy’s path with goals and rebounds. Laure Resimont and 20-year-old Ine Joris also scored quickly. The difference at the break was small: 34-36 for Italy.

Belgium then came out strong in the dressing room and started the second half 10-2, with three points from Joris and Van Luo and four points from Lissova in between.

But Italy’s response is welcome. With an intermediate sprint of 9-0, the Italian women went on top of Belgium and never looked back. The difference widened further in the 4th quarter: 60-77. Tomorrow the Cats will have to start again, then Spain will be the enemy.

Belgium: Lisova 15, Joris 11, Linskans 10, Recimand 10, Vanuatu 6, Billy Massey 4, Geltoff 2, Becky Massy 2

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