Belgian Cats Die After World Cup Quarter-Final Defeat to Supreme Australia Basketball World Cup

The Belgian Cats couldn’t deliver a stunt in the quarterfinals of the Basketball World Cup. Belgian women are much smaller than host nation Australia.

Last year, the Belgian Cats pulled off a stunt by beating current world No. 3 Australia at the Olympics. It was within the bounds of expectation that it would be tougher in the quarter-finals on Thursday.

World Cup hosts Australia and Belgium are again without star player Emma Meismann, who suffered a foot injury in the group stage. She was forced to support her team from the bench.

Measman’s absence was especially felt on the rebound. Without Meismann’s height, Belgium were clearly centimeters short under the hoop, allowing Australia to completely dominate the plate. The big difference in rebounds is telling: 23 for Belgium and no less than 48 for the Opals.

The Belgian cats were also not good defensively, and the Australian team managed to completely control the game before halftime: 37-52. In the 2nd half, national coach Demory looked for solutions, but the home side always had an answer ready and led by as many as 24 points.

The final quarter celebrated Australia’s lead and the Belgian Cats were able to partially limit the damage: 69-86. Four years ago, Belgium women reached the semi-finals on their World Cup debut. That’s not really possible in this tournament, and certainly not after Meismann’s injury.

The next big target for the Cats is the European Championships, which will be played next summer. Qualifiers for that tournament resume at the end of November when Belgium plays for its own people against North Macedonia and Bosnia.

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Belgium: Allemant 15, Ben Abdelgader 13, Linskens 13, Vanloo 12, Delray 6, Becky Massey 5, Lisova 3, Ramet 2. Ine Joris, Billy Massey, Laure Resimont scored no runs.

National coach Demory: “A bit disappointing in the first half”

National coach Valeri Demori was not satisfied with the intensity he saw from his team before halftime. “I was a bit disappointed in the first half. Maybe because of the absence of Emma, ​​but in the first half we showed too little intensity to win the quarter-finals of the World Cup,” criticized the Frenchman.

“The quarter-final is always an important moment in a big tournament. Our second half was very good in terms of intensity, but if you want to be in the competition you have to play 40 minutes.”

“I didn’t see the defensive movement I was used to in the first half. We have a young team without Emma. We made a lot of mistakes today but we will learn from them.”

“It’s a good team and can improve a lot. We’re going to work hard in training. This experience will help us for the next European Championship if we qualify.”

Our second half was much better in terms of intensity, but if you want to stay in the match you can drag it out for 40 minutes.

Valerie Demory

Antonia Delaere: “Sit with Mixed Feelings”

“It’s a pity we couldn’t play our best game because we could have made it a real match,” Antonia Delare said after the quarter-final.

“We weren’t sharp enough on defense and couldn’t execute our game plan offensively. We didn’t play our best basketball.”

“Australia is definitely a medal candidate, but I still feel we had our chances. So I have a mixed feeling that I didn’t get everything out of it.”

“I remember from this World Cup, we know where we can go with this group, which is to reach the final at the European Championships,” said Delray already looking ahead.

The Belgian Cats at the Basketball World Cup

quarter final
Belgium Australia 69-86
China France 85-71
Puerto Rico Canada 60-79
America Serbia 88-55
Program Committee A
22/09 America Belgium 87-72
23/09 Belgium South Korea 84-61
24/09 Puerto Rico Belgium 65-68
26/09 Belgium Bosnia 85-55
27/09 China Belgium 81-55
Standing in group a
I am W V +/- ptn
1. America 5 5 +231 10
2. China 5 4 1 +157 9
3. Belgium 5 3 2 +15 8
4. Puerto Rico 5 2 3 -59 7
5. South Korea 5 1 4 -148 6
6. Bosnia and Herzegovina 5 5 -196 5

The top 4 finishers advance to the quarter finals.

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