Belgian fishermen return to British waters after being granted new licenses | right Now

Belgian Minister Hilda Krivitz said Saturday that Belgian fishermen are welcome in British waters for the first time since new trade agreements with the United Kingdom. Twitter. The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries wrote that seventeen of the eighteen fishermen were licensed to fish off the British coast.

With the new licenses, the seventeen fishermen can once again cast their nets 12 miles off the coast of the British Isle. They lost access to it on January 1, when the British officially retired from the European rules system.

British waters are vital for Belgian fishermen. About half of the fish that Belgians catch comes from neighbors’ waters. The Belgian Fishing Fleet mainly fish tongues and the wall there.

With the renewal of trade agreements, access to British waters is guaranteed for a period of more than five years. However, you may be arrested less than before. The UK will receive nearly € 1.6 billion in additional fishing value through the new trade relationship with the European Union.

Licenses granted to Belgian fishermen do not mean that Dutch fishermen are allowed to do this. Hunters in our country have been banned from hunting 6-12 miles in the UK for nearly 40 years. Only French and Belgian fishermen are allowed to do this. Dutch fishermen sailing under the Belgian flag are permitted to fish in that area, provided they have the necessary license.

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