Belgian Police: No traffic fines for a full month | Sentences

Belgian police unions will not issue parking and traffic fines for a month from Wednesday. Fewer alcohol checks are also performed.

The Endless Month is an initiative of four Belgian police unions. They are demanding that their officers respond “non-oppressively” to traffic and parking violations, starting Wednesday. They are allowed to give verbal warnings and explain why no fines will be issued.

Punctuality procedures

Things like reckless driving, driving without insurance, and drunk driving are still fined. There are also targeted actions. The Brussels crossroads is occupied and in the week before Christmas there will be more traffic checks and blasting procedures, also during peak hours. Zaventem and Charleroi airports are also on the list. The number of alcohol checks is reduced – also due to budget constraints in the police.

“If necessary until 2024”

The officers’ anger has two causes. For example, police officers will soon not be able to retire at 58 and the Cabinet has canceled the agreed-upon increase in police salaries. Leader Carlo Meadow of the NSPV police union is showing himself combative: if politicians don’t listen, we will continue after January 15th. With targeted actions at target periods. If necessary, until 2024. ”

The fine-free month is a setback for the Belgian treasury. More than half a billion euros in traffic fines are collected every year.

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