Bellator competitor, Dennis Kielholtz, explains sparring tactics for his shot at the title

Dennis Kielholtz didn’t quarrel with a woman while preparing her shot for Bellator MMA gold against Juliana Velasquez on Friday night.

The Dutch kickboxing champion gets her first chance at the MMA gold major in Connecticut this week as she faces off against the undefeated Velasquez and claims to have participated in the toughest training camp of her life en route to the fight.

and talk to mirrored mirror Before her next fight, Kielholtz explained that due to a lack of options in her native Holland, she had to fight exclusively with men while she was preparing to face Velasquez.

“I only argue with men,” she said. “I don’t argue with girls, and I don’t know why.

“In the Netherlands, this sport is not very popular with girls, they think it is unusual for girls, so I only fight with men and that is better for me because you really have to compete with them.

“I don’t care if I don’t train with the girls, it’s better if I train with the boys.”

Bellator Synchronous vlieggewicht Dennis Kielholtz

A win on Friday night will lead her to the position she has dreamed of since joining Bellator MMA in 2017 from the boxing ranks.

She lost her 2015 debut on the regional stage in South Africa and lost another on her record against Vita Artega, but has since defeated a number of top heavyweights including Kate Jackson from the top 10.

“This was a very difficult combat camp,” Kielholtz explained. “All camps are tough, but this fight means a lot more to me than all the other fights I’ve been used to.

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“It makes me want to push myself more and work harder than ever, which is why this battle camp was really hard.

“I think Juliana is a really good fighter who deserves to be a champion, but she has never faced an opponent like me.

“In all of her other fights, everyone has admired her standing skills, but they have resisted that impression and I think I will make a difference.

“Juliana has fought a lot in boxing fights, I have been in more than 60 boxing matches and I am used to fighting a tall and strong fighter.

“She sees in her last fights that all the other girls are making bad decisions, wanting to be down to earth, and I don’t see their training plan working.

“I know I have the skills to beat her because I’ve fought fighters like her before and with her skills against mine, I know I can shake that record.”

Kielholtz has vowed to defend her title again in the UK, where she has competed multiple times in her career, assuming she wins.

“I love the fans in London and England,” she explained. “Even in my kickboxing career, I fought there a few times.

“I love the way people react to fights, so it will be a dream for me to come back to London to defend my title.”

Bellator 262: Velasquez v Kielholtz will be shown live on BBC iPlayer on Friday 16 July from 10:30 PM GMT.

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