Bennett will not fill Domoulin’s vacancy in the Tour de France

Jorge Bennett does not want to start the Tour de France in 2021. The new Gelander from Jumbo-Wisma wants to score at the Olympics, and a tour participation does not fit in that vain. “It would be a little disastrous for my Olympic plans if I was invited to tour, so to be honest, I didn’t want to.”

Kiwi was brought in last year as a replacement for the Livans de Plus, but he will not fill Tom Dumoulin’s vacancy in 2021. ‘I hope it never happens again, I don’t think it will happen,’ he tells the New Zealand media Subject. ‘In any case, it was not discussed internally, and I think they will allow me to run my original project.’ Bennett usually goes to Giro as a leader. ‘If it still happens that I was invited to tour, I will not complain. I agree with my character, but at the moment I don’t think I will go on tour. ‘

Bennett is looking forward to the Olympics in Tokyo, ‘he said.Once in a lifetimeProbability calls due to mountaineering. ‘I want to be ready for it, so I don’t even think about changing my schedule. I love the Tour de France, it’s my favorite race. But not in an Olympic year, ‘said Number Two of Lombardy’s last tour.

Bennett wants to be a Tour leader from 2022 onwards

New Zealand has an expired contract with Jumbo-Wisma, but still does not want things to go much further. He is determined to show in 2021 that he deserves to be a leader in the Tour de France and other major tournaments from 2022 onwards. Whether it’s with Jumbo-Wisma or another team, he opens it up. “I’m very happy with Jumbo-Wisma, but I only want to see my options after Giro de Italia.” Prior to Zero, Bennett would drive Paris-Nice and the Tour of Catalonia on any occasion.

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He was also asked about Dumoulin’s (temporary) suspension. ‘Even though I knew him well, I didn’t see it coming. There is a lot of pressure in the Netherlands and I think I am lucky that cycling in New Zealand is not like that. I think Tom has taken a good step and can see for himself how he can relieve himself of all the stress.

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