Bergwijn came, saw, conquered, and disappeared from Orange (but Memphis desires his return).


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  • Jesse Witten

    Editor of the Dutch national team

  • Jesse Witten

    Editor of the Dutch national team

Steven Bergwijn has been an inspiration to the Dutch national team since Louis van Gaal’s return as national coach. Memphis Depay’s ideal companion is ahead. Together they formed the forward pair intended for the World Cup. It didn’t happen in Qatar except for fifteen minutes against Senegal.

Van Gaal said earlier this year: “Stevie Bergwijn, this is a godsend!” “He doesn’t play for Tottenham and he delivers for the Dutch national team. Yes, I’ll call him, it’s that simple.”

In November last year, Bergwijn took the lead in the decisive World Cup qualifier with Norway, in March he was twice accurate against Denmark, and also scored against Germany, Belgium and Poland. One goal was more beautiful than the other.

Watch Bergwijn fire orange, still in the World Cup

Bergwijn initially continued his orange form after his move to Ajax, with a beautiful opening goal in the battle of Johan Cruyff’s scale as a kick-off. As if he went above and beyond in the Netherlands, he played with ease and power, in his favored position of left winger.

Tongues Bergwijn Struggling Bergwijn

Just like Ajax’s performance, Bergwijn’s performance has also gradually declined. Moreover, he came to play for Ajax on the right wing, which is less popular with him. Also in Orange, it was not Bergwijn who so far set the World Cup on fire, but Bergwijn who struggled.

Bergwijn since Van Gaal’s return to Orange

the total in the world Cup
Objectives 6
expected goals 2.95
helps 1
expected help 3.10 0.17
dribbling 33 1

What was also remarkable was that Bergwijn seemed completely isolated from his attacking partners at the World Cup. He did not give or receive a single pass to or from Cody Gacbo and Memphis Depay, while he only gave a ball to Vincent Jansen once in 62 minutes of play and did not recover it.

Bergwijn did not want anything to do with the crisis of form after the duel with Senegal. “I don’t know, I’m comfortable in my own skin,” said the 25-year-old striker. “It’s going really well.” According to Bergwijn, the magic is not over with him yet. He answered curtly, “No.”

short in essence

For example, Bergwijn was often brief in that press conference with Davy Claassen. “I agree with Davy,” “same Davy,” “same thing,” were some of his answers. This angered some journalists.

It is certainly not the first time that Bergwijn has made it easy at a press conference. “And you, Stephen, what do you think of that,” a German journalist asked after the international in March. Bergwijn woke up with a start. “The same“What Daly says,” said the assailant with a smile.

Disdain for the news or press conferences just aren’t his thing? Presumably the latter. Press conferences are best left to genres like Denzel Dumfries, Virgil van Dijk, Frenkie de Jong, Marten de Roon and Daley Blind, as KNVB did then.

Angry though Bergwijn is at times in moments of press, other times he is not. Want to see another Bergwijn? Watch the video below with Touzani, with Bergwijn as ‘Director’. Open all the way, all smiles.

“I like the left Messi” | Touzani with Stephen Bergwijn

Van Gaal explained Bergwijn’s performance earlier this year: “I give him confidence.” That confidence was no longer sufficient for the start of the third World Cup match with Qatar. Just when Depay was ready to start.

Advice Depay: ‘You’d rather play with Bergwijn’

Although this backup role has to do not only with Bergwijn’s lack of form, but also with Cody Gakpo’s higher form, which cannot be ignored. And when Memphis Depay becomes fit again, the choice is between Davy Claassen in tenth and Jakpo on the left or Steven Bergwijn up front and Jakpo in tenth.

In an interview with De Telegraaf, Depay gave unexpected advice this week. Depay said, “I have a great flick with him (Jacko, ed.). But I think I’d rather play with Steven Bergwijn. He’s more resistant to the ball then Cody can get past him.”

France Press agency

Steven Bergwijn and Louis van Gaal

“But we have a lot of different players with qualifications,” Depay added, realizing that his advice would again be at the expense of Davy Claassen, who already has a goal and two assists at the World Cup finals.

Van Gaal responded to Depay’s statement on Friday afternoon: “I didn’t think he was wise.” “But it says something about our way of working that we can accept that from each other. And that’s also the beauty of this ad.”

Will Van Gaal do anything with Depay’s advice in the Final Eight against the USA? Will we see the intended striker pairing Depay/Bergoyne from the start for the first time at the World Cup? “I always listen to the players’ preferences, but I can’t respond to every request.”

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