Best Actor Chadwick Bosman Posthumously at the Golden Globes

Because of the coronavirus, the party was largely via video links: Host Tina Fey and Amy Buehler were not in the same city, but performed on stage in New York and Los Angeles. The show ended with that, then with the usual homework problems: Daniel Kaluuya stayed awake Mute When he received his award for the movie Judah and the black Christ Take over.

Technology has provided a unique opportunity to see Hollywood stars at home, who often celebrate their winnings with family or pets. John Boyega revealed that he was secretly wearing joggers under his stylish jacket, and Jodie Foster showed that she was awarded her award barefoot. “This is the best Golden Globe ever. It’s great to be home without all the hassle.”


TV series the crown Won the most awards at the ceremony. The series about the British royal family, which can be watched on Netflix, won the award for Best TV Drama of the Year. Three actors from the series also received awards: Emma Corinne won an Actor Award for her portrayal of Princess Diana, Josh O’Connor for his portrayal of Prince Charles, and Gillian Anderson for her supporting role as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Netflix has also won awards in several other categories: the frequently watched chess series Queen’s gambit Won two awards (for Best Short Series and for Lead Actress Anya Taylor Joy), and writer and director Aaron Sorkin won a Globe Award for Best Screenplay for his Netflix movie Chicago trial 7, Historical drama movie about the riots that surrounded the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968.

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The film was another notable award winner Bedouin. In addition to Best Drama, this movie was also honored with Chloé Zhao’s Best Direction award. It was only the second time in history that this category had won a winner, after Barbara Streisand in 1984 Intel.

Borat’s next movie He also won two awards (Best Comedian, Best Leading Comedian). In his acceptance speech Sacha Baron Cohen praised “the new talent that has turned out to be a comedic genius out of nowhere.” It turns out that he means not his colleague Maria Bacalova, but Rudy Giuliani.

All award winners It can be seen here.

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