Best Dutch road races of the time: Patrick van den Gorberg

Patrick van den Gorberg
Patrick van den Gorberg | Photo © Henck Fischer

Dutch road racer from yesterday, where did he go, what he is doing nowadays
And how he sees the current road races. Every week we bring you the best Dutch road races from last year in the section “The best Dutch road races at the time” and we ask them all a series of questions (same). This week: Patrick van den Gorberg.

Who is Patrick van den Gorberg?

  • Noun: Patrick van den Gorberg
  • Nickname: –
  • Boy18 Sep 1965
  • Accommodation: Breda
  • partner: Married to Claudia
  • Start your road racing career: 1984
  • She was active in: 250 cc
  • The number of addresses: 1- Yamaha RD350LC
  • End of road racing career1995:
  • current occupation: Entrepreneur
  • The social networking site Facebook: Patrick van den Gorberg
  • Twitter: Lord, save it
  • Instagram: Patrickfandingerberg

How did you deal with road races at the time?

My dad was already active in motorsports. I ran and experienced road races, and so did I
I got it with the well-known spoon. I myself have been on
He did a test sport, then moved on to road racing.

With which driver did you fight your best battles in the ring?

It’s hard to say there were a lot of general practitioners out there, but in fact it might have been with my brother
Jurgen, together in the 250cc class. You can trust each other as brothers 100% and thus fight great battles.

Best motorcycle I’ve ever had and why?

This was definitely the Aprilia 250cc I spent 4 years in GP
Participate. The Aprilia was a great racing machine that wasn’t always easy to modify, but when it was right, it was a great ride on a bike.

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What is your favorite path you have taken and why?

Suzuka, Phillip Island and in Europe Mugello, I love fast-flowing circuits that are tech
Being troublesome.

What is the most outlandish and fun thing you have tried while racing?

General practitioner leadership isn’t exactly hilarious. Then I’m back riding together again
With my brother Jurgen. We were testing the TT in Assen. Jürgen passed me through the still-present peat hose, whoever was there was watching me from the team
Shocked that they thought we were going to hit each other, but I heard it
He arrived and left a little pit. We laugh at the engine and the rest is white.

What’s the best thing about racing?

My whole life has been and still is dedicated to road racing. Same first ten years
He drove his car and then worked alongside Jurgen, then worked with several other drivers.
She has also worked as a co-commentator for Eurosport for some time and now for 3 years with
My nephew Zonta is on the road in Spanish CEV. On top of that, have seen a lot, and experienced a lot
Allowed to work with good people, no regrets.

What did you do after your active road racing career?

As a freelance person, I went back to construction from 2003 to make a chunk of the money

Are you still playing sports in some way?

Now mainly Eurosport commentator and companion to Zonta.

What is the current driver you respect so much and why?

Marc Marquez, this is someone who has tremendous talent but is also mentally stronger than him
Opponents are ready to continue where others stop.

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Who do you see as the greatest (currently active) road racing talent in the Netherlands and why?

I work with Zonta, along with Jurgen and we’re convinced he has it
To become a GP driver.

How do you view the current race with your expertise, nationally and also

The sport of the Dutch has always been a tough sport, and that definitely is there
It has not been easier in recent years. Because I have been active in recent years
Spain considers that the conditions there are more favorable to road racing several times
To break through. More competition with many opportunities to ride on good tracks
Take the correct steps in the different staging classes. If you want a hack like
You have to be a Dutch driver in Spain and this is definitely a major stumbling block. But where n
Will, there is a way!

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