Best free e-books # 49

The best free e-books ereadersnl

We have three nice free e-books for you again! This time: a fantasy novel, thriller, and short historical story. Are you curious about the free e-books we previously selected? Here you will find them all conveniently.

Morgan rice Sisters Throne # 1
Sophia and her younger sister Kate desperately need to get out of the hideous orphanage. They dream of growing up elsewhere, even if it means living on the streets, in the cruel town of Ashton. Sophia dreams of entering the stadium and finding an aristocrat who will fall in love with him. Kate wants to learn to use a sword to fight dragons and become a fighter. They are united by their secret supernatural ability to read each other’s minds, their only salvation in a world that seems to destroy them.

To download this book, you must first create a Kobo account. You can then read the book via the Kobo app or on the Kobo e-reader.

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Hubert Land Surveyor, A glance
Tim Bakes spends the day of his life. Become a partner in the company. He is married and has the most beautiful daughter a father could wish to have. When he publishes the important news with his family, his wife Lucy faces an even bigger surprise. It cannot end. He even averted fate. Everything is going well. But fate is always the last word.

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Iris Verslus crisp
Memphis, ancient Egypt, 921 BC. It rejoices in the home of Nekhtamin when his wife gives birth to a beautiful son. The young servant Bakmot has the honor to take care of the young Tahmas. Soon happiness turns into sadness while the little man continues to cry constantly. what’s the matter with him?

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We previously selected other books by Iris Versluis in this series, namely A craving from the pastAnd the Photo opportunity at Elephant tears.

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Do you know a free eBook that shouldn’t be missing in this series? Have you written an ebook yourself that you give for free? Let us know in a comment below or via [email protected]!

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