Best Miss Curveball Athlete on the Orange Youth Team: There’s always a little laugh about it

Miss Obi (left)

Korfball is part of the family DNA of Mees Oppe, a sophomore in Human Resource Management (HRM) at Breda. His parents know the sport well, as does his older sister and brother. He himself has been playing korfball since he was five years old, with success. For example, he has already become world champion with Orange U19 and is currently playing at the second highest level in the Netherlands at DeetosSnel in Dordrecht.

“Korfball is unmistakable to me. My parents always said it was up to me to choose the sport I wanted to play, but when I saw as a kid what korfball could do, I quickly knew I wanted to do it, too,” says Mays with a laugh. “And once I got started, I always kept going.”

What’s so great about korfball?
“With a team, you’re busy making yourself better and winning games. I also like the fact that boys and girls play together for the connections you make. And of course I find the game interesting, how it’s played and what you can do with it. Then again you’re on the defensive, then again Another in the attack. It’s going very fast.”

Unlike soccer, for example, in korfball you have an attack and defense section at the start. This fund consists of two women and two men. You change position every brace.

“You have certain roles in such a profession, but everyone can score and do everything. You do it with four.”

When did you realize you were good at sports?
“If you’re in C1 instead of C2 in youth, you know you’re doing well. Then you get into the youth teams of the South West region and for the first time in Orange U19. You’re at the top of the Netherlands. When you also came to Orange U21 I thought: Now it’s really serious and I have to do my best to stay there. I cross the national borders of the sport and train at Sportcentrum Papendal. Then you train with the biggest players.”

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titmouse (bottom, sitting)

You are now playing at DeetossSnel in Dordrecht. How did you get there and how is it?
“Since I started playing korfball, I played at Oranje Wit in Dordrecht. Until last year. I wanted to get to the top and to do that I had to play at a higher level. That’s why I made the move to DeetosSnel, where I’m now playing my first season as a senior. This Actually it goes well. I still really like it no matter how much time I spend on it. I notice that the level is higher, for example during training sessions. I had to work physically, especially in the beginning. So go to the gym more and eat Better food, more weight gain. I work on it every day.”

What does this mean for your student life?
“I can’t go out on Friday, because I have to rest on Saturday. And I can’t go into town on Tuesdays or Wednesdays either, so I don’t have a typical student life. But I choose that consciously. If I choose to want to play sports at a high level, that comes into play.” Sometimes it’s unfortunate, but I might like what I’m doing now more.”

How do you combine your studies at Avans with sports?
“Fortunately, I do a course without exams, but with group assignments. They are mainly reports that we have to hand in. This allows me to combine school and sports well. Avans also get along well, that’s great Cold. I have NOC*NSF senior athletic standing. This gives me space to exercise in Papendal on Wednesdays during school hours. When I get home after a day of training or school, I eat quickly and then start training again. I must plan well and do my tasks in order.”

I’m at work

There are quite a few prejudices about korfball. How do you face that?
“It’s getting less and less, but it’s part of it. There’s always a laugh at korfball. That’s mainly from people who’ve never seen or done it before, especially in high school. I didn’t mind, just did my thing. If I step up to a level Higher and higher as now and I also went abroad, people look at sports differently.”

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What’s your highlight so far?
“In 2021 I became world champion with the Orange U19 team. That was great, but the fact that I was selected was the best thing for me. Holland is the best korfball country ever, they have won all the tournaments.”

What are your long and short term goals?
“It’s my dream to get into the Dutch national team, just like my brother Bo. I have to work for it. And I want to be Dutch champion in Ahoy. It’s a bit of a prestige to play there. With Orange U21 we are now working towards the European Championship in Czech Republic. It will happen next summer. I want to do well there.”

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