Between the opening and the closest you will find the door of non-dualism

Which is greater, the space of love or the space of ignorance?

Dear Hans,

This poet, who prefers openness, finally understands: there is no field, there is no separate fortune-teller, there is not even a thing. We don’t have stories over, we don’t either. is also a story like that, but I enjoyed it! I just wanted to get that out.

Dear Jules,

I also like to open over to close, hence the following questions:

Is it true that for a while you thought there was some field, and now you think there is no field? Any field?

Is it true that you thought for a while that there was a separate seer and now think again that there is no separate seer, perhaps because the seer is the seer or something?

Is it true that for a while you thought there was nothing or nothing, and now you don’t think again? Then what do you think there?

Is it true that for a while you thought we had more than just stories, and now you don’t?

You write beautiful poems, full of love, universal welcome, there is a lot of space in that.

In my false texts, I try to show the space of not knowing, in which there is even room for cruelty, lack of love, and narrow-mindedness. This is how I create space for myself and all others who are hopelessly imperfect, assuming I’m not alone.

Actually I only welcome my wife, other times for a while, that’s all I can handle as a rule.

The welcome from interested searchers doesn’t last long in practice either, I’ve seen on your website, you give them 60 minutes max.

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You invite them to visit you at a place that suits you and they pay you whatever they want.

You don’t offer to visit them at a place of their convenience or pay them whatever they want.

You are not offering them to withhold any form of payment, just exchanging words and saliva.

Not that I care, even the awake have to eat, but I still want to know: how far your welcome extends beyond your wallet?

What a lot of openings, huh? I wonder if you can close it.

enjoy it,


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