Beyoncé adapts the words to the offensive term for people with physical disabilities

Beyoncé’s new album Renaissance It has dominated the charts since its appearance on Wednesday, but it is already slated for an update. The singer received criticism for the song “Heated the word”.spasm It was used, which can be considered painful by people who suffer from cramping. On Monday, it indicated that it would adjust the words. This is the second time in a short time that an artist has been addressed to use the term.

In ‘Heated’, the 40-year-old American singer sings about ‘Heated’.Moving around on that ass. The term is often used in rap lyrics or slang to indicate that someone is walking awkwardly, going wild, or reacting with unreasonable anger to a situation. A spokesperson for Beyoncé told the BBC that the word “was not used for the purpose of intentional harm” and that the lyrics would be changed.

Activists have long argued against the use of the word, as it can be taken as an insult to people with spasticity. Aid organization Scope, formerly the National Plastic Society, called on Beyoncé to re-record the track without the offensive term. „It is good that [zij] He acted very quickly after people with physical disabilities spoke out again against this mindless text.” Disability activist Hannah Daveney described the track as a “slap in the face” and said she was “tired and frustrated” at having to resume the discussion.

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In June, American singer Lizzo was accused of using the word “spazz” in her song “Grrrrls”. She edited the script and said she didn’t mean to offend anyone. “As a fat black woman in America, I’ve had so many hurtful words in my face, so I understand the power that language can have,” Lizzo wrote on social media.

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It has not yet been announced when Beyoncé will release the new version of ‘Heated’ online. Fans had to wait six years for Queen Bee’s seventh album, which is probably the title for this reason Renaissance I got. Norwegian Refugee Council– Reviewer Cecil van Wijnesburg mentions Its four-ball rating The lyrics recorded are “confident, quick-witted, sexy” and compare the music to “a DJ set that rolls you seamlessly through all corners of dance music.”

The language in “Heated” wasn’t the only criticism Beyoncé faced. Singer Kellys accused her of plagiarism on the “Energy” track. It will contain a sample of Kelis’ Milkshake single without discussing this beforehand.

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