Biden: 7 billion Afghan assets to families of 9/11 victims, aid organizations

US President Biden will split $7 billion in Afghan funds between relatives of the 2001 attacks in New York and relief organizations active in Afghanistan. The White House announced today that Biden issued a decree to this effect has fallen

Afghan government money, about $6.14 billion, was deposited in the US Central Bank in New York when the Taliban overthrew the Afghan government last summer. It is highly unusual for the United States government to confiscate funds placed in the United States from another government.

The New York Times reported on the sourcing authority within the US government that it’s not just about money, but also gold and bonds, among other things. The reserves were built between 2001 and 2021, during which time the US and Afghan governments worked together. According to a former senior US official in Afghanistan, it was intended to serve as a nest egg in case the Afghan government faced financial difficulties.

Taliban claim

The new government in Kabul has demanded money in the United States shortly after taking power last year, but to no avail: The Biden administration does not recognize the Taliban as legitimate rulers, and counterterrorism legislation prohibits the transfer of funds to the movement.

Over the past few months, money Claimed by a group of relatives of the people who lost their lives in the New York attacks more than 20 years ago. At the time, the Taliban government in Kabul facilitated the al-Qaeda attackers, which prompted relatives to demand the money as compensation. Biden decided to use half of the $3.5 billion as compensation.

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On the other hand, the US government is under great pressure from its own Congress and relief organizations to do something about the famine and other suffering that followed the takeover of Afghanistan by Muslim extremists.

Almost all Afghans are starving

Before the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan was largely dependent on foreign aid money, and that has now disappeared. Most foreign reserves have also been frozen. Hardly any country recognizes the government in Kabul. The result is that the economy has collapsed and in many places It is a lack of food.

So some relatives of the 2001 attacks find it inappropriate that the funds frozen in New York are now being paid to them. “I can’t imagine a greater betrayal than handing over Afghan money to the 9/11 families now,” he said. Barry Amundson for The New York Times† Lost his brother in the attack on the Pentagon near Washington, DC.

“I am afraid that the confiscation of this money will now lead to innocent Afghan casualties. They have already suffered a lot.”

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