Biden announces sanctions against Russia • European Union: ‘We are making it as difficult as possible for Russia’

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg describes what is happening now as the most dangerous moment for security in Europe in a generation. He also says he has all the evidence that Russia has large scale attack Preparing for Ukraine.

According to Stoltenberg, the Russian troops are leaving their camps and ready to fight. In response to a question about whether there is evidence of troops entering the Donbass region, the Secretary-General replied in the affirmative: “We see that Russia continues to build forces in the region. We must understand that Russia has been active in the region for years, since 2014. Russia controls On the so-called separatists. The recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk adds fuel, making the matter more dangerous and more dangerous. “

According to Stoltenberg, Russia never stopped planning a large-scale invasion of Ukraine after 2014. But he stressed that the diplomatic path remains open to the Russians: “It is never too late not to attack, so we continue to try to de-escalate and find a political solution.”

He also praised the sanctions imposed by NATO members, such as Germany suspending the use of the Nord Stream gas pipeline for the time being. Western countries have also sent more troops to Ukraine and neighboring countries, says Stoltenberg, “but our goal remains to prevent conflict.”

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